Our 24Degrees products

24Degrees Desktop QNH Meter

This device displays a continuous reading of barometric pressure adjusted to sea level in hecto Pascal. In aviation terms this is refered to as QNH and is rounded off.

The exact station elevation needs to be carefully set in order to achieve reasonably accurate results.

Station elevation can be easily determined using Google Earth or a detailed topographic map..

24Degrees 5-Function indicator

1: Abs Pressure Hpa       Absolute(raw) barometric pressure

2: Temp C                      Device temperature in degrees celsius

3: Approx Altitude           Calculated altitude above sea level

4: Pressure Altitude        Indicated altitude with QNH = 1013mb

5: Density Altitude          Pressure alt  adjusted for non standard


24Degrees 'UNO' Density Altitude

Density Altitude is measurement of atmospheric conditions that directly and severely affects aircraft performance including engine performance. Many accidents have occured because the density altitude was unfortunately unknown/overlooked at time of take off. This product makes it easy and convienent for the pilot to determine the density altitude thus contributing to better decision making.