UNO Density Altitude Indicator

UNO Density Altitude Indicator
UNO Density Altitude Indicator UNO Density Altitude Indicator
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The "UNO" Density Altitude Indicator is a simplified no frills entry level instrument.

This device will instantly take the nessasary measurements to calculate the current density altitude and display the results in a large readable font.

Easy to use and understand, a 'one-touch' button press is all that's required and the density altitude will be displayed on screen for 16 seconds afterwhich the device will return to sleep mode. This product boasts a custom made 3D printed case.

The device is not intended as a substitute to the normal pilot’s pre-flight procedures. This device shall render a reasonably accurate indication prior to commencement of pre-flight procedures. A typical example would be to determine the atmospheric conditions prior to arrival at an airfield, forewarned is forearmed.
NOTE : This device is not a certified instrument and all data supplied must be considered as approximate values only. The user undertakes to use this device at his own discretion and 24 Degrees Electronics shall not be held liable for any action taken based upon the data supplied.
NOTE: Device temperature is critical to the density altitude calculation. Direct sunlight, motor vehicles or aircraft in direct sunlight will elevate the device temperature. The device kept in the operators pocket may also elevate the device temperature.
An elevated device temperature will result in an elevated density altitude.

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